Moose River, LLC

Moose River Recommendations for Job Site Incident Prevention

  • Equipment wash site must be positioned at least twenty five feet away from the mainline to ensure safety of the Moose River wash crew.
  • The equipment to be washed must be located on an accessible route in order that the Moose River pull vehicle and tandem axle trailer will have ample clearance to be able to maneuver close enough to the railway to safely complete wash job requirements.
  • Ballasts at both sides of the track cannot be established on steep terrain. This not only poses a safety hazard for our crew, but it also increases the probability of the wastewater flowing over protective barriers.
  • The wash site cannot be positioned in close proximity to highways, buildings, vehicles, or other unprotected structures to minimize the risk of damage from airborne particles, dust, dirt, debris, grease, liquid splashes, and over spray.
  • If at all possible, the equipment wash site should be located near a water source to eliminate the need to transport the water supply which could hinder the completion of a job based on a previously agreed upon schedule.
  • For convenience purposes of the Moose River crew and the railway company employees alike, our personnel would prefer to fulfill job requirements not only during the week, but during weekend hours as well. Our crew will make every attempt to remain flexible depending on individual job circumstances and customer needs.
  • The Moose River work crew would benefit greatly to have the support of railway company employees to reposition the equipment as needed which accelerates the progress of the wash job.
Download and print the Railway Equipment Wash Service Request Form - PDF Format